What I mean by gradual is the way the preparation was made inside of me.
Gertrude Stein, The Gradual Making of The Making of Americans
JS: So that, you think you have to leave the city to experience nature. But it´s right out your door.
CV: It´s ridiculous, because nature is inside you. You are nature; every hair and every molecule in your body is as much nature as the Artic.
Cecilia Vicuña en entrevista con Jonathan Skinner
It told a story of invasion and of acceptance as if it could tell both of these stories using the same vocabulary.
Juliana Spahr


So language writing’s self-aware roots in modernism and, to use Hejinian’s word "inquiry," rather than confessionalism, felt to me to be a way out of the sad poetess model. If I wanted to write things down, it need not be about my angst. It could be about thinking!
Juliana Spahr
Language discovers what one might know, which in turn is always less than what language might say.
Lyn Hejinian
I was waking up five times a night so I could write down my dreams. I trained myself. Finally, I had a hard time not dreaming, because the dreaming had become so important. I was having a real problem not sleeping twelve hours a night and not waking up five times to write down the dreams. I had to stop myself dreaming. At the end I really felt that I was just raping “myself”. But something had broken open.
Kathy Acker
Basically we grew up not wanting to know that we had bodies.
Kathy Acker
Feeling so strong you’re at the edge of a cyclone or huge hurricane. You’re about to go over, if you don’t constantly fight, into some new territory where the winds are whirling madly and there’s no stability and your head bursts open. You still can’t contain yourself, the feeling’s so strong, your heart’s pumping too fast and your flesh is burning: your only sense of yourself is that the world’s sky has turned over inside you and that churning air is rushing out in every direction into the rest of the world and you can’t fight it and the churning air becomes a force, a demonic force that exists outside of you as do all the forces of the world. All you can do is learn. Maybe, gradually, you can learn to control this force: to keep it open so that you don’t destroy the other person and/or the other person doesn’t destroy you which is how most love affairs end. But all you do is stupidly and obviously unsuccessfully fight the force that is tearing all fo you apart.
Kathy Acker



hace un par de años y gracias a dos becas, trabajé en cuatro ensayos y traducciones sobre la obra de gertrude stein, lyn hejinian, kathy acker y juliana spahr (escritoras norteamericanas). los estaré publicando en el blog visionescronicas.blogspot.com.
I thought that people today when they move move only by car, train, boat, or plane and so move only on roads. They perceive only the roads, the map, the prison. I think it’s becoming harder to get off the roads.
Kathy Acker